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    Loosely coupled problem


      Hi all..

      I have attached the document for the loosely coupled problem i have faced. Can anyone rsolve it.




        • Loosely coupled problem

          your problem is quite simple. there are 2 easy ways.

          first- make use of qualify and unqualify, this will remove loops by attaching a prefix in the table.


          second-make use of alias so that can rename a particular field.

          my suggestion being that u should go for qualify and unqualify as it's more of a professional way of removing synthetic keys or loosely coupled loops in qlikview.

          • Loosely coupled problem

            Hello Bharethe,

            Have you resolved this issue? I am also facing such kind of issue. If yes, let me know how you have resolved it. If not also hope we will work together to resolve the issue which we are facing.

            Please do reply!