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    Data load problem after upgrade Qlik sense 3.0

    Heikki Saari


      I try to made upgrade in Qlik Sense2.0 to 3.0. Unfortunately the disc went full and upgrade fails. I removed the old installation and clean up the disk. Then I installed QS version 3.0. Everything seems to gwent fine, but when I start the data load editor and try to load data in application  it does not work. When I look the log fiels I found this kind of error:

      Web exception: Protocol error: Response stream exists. Remote endpoint 'https://localhost:4242/' 7100a589-d8c6-4879-a7ab-6a5760fcc707

      35 20161018T161146.367+0300 ERROR ATAS263 ec849e94-8034-4364-b26a-847a6692229f Command=Configure proxy;Result=-2146233079;ResultText=Error: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. 0 0 0 INTERNAL sa_proxy 0 Not available Proxy Not available Not available Configure proxy -2146233079 Could not contact local repository to retrieve proxy service settings ec849e94-8034-4364-b26a-847a6692229f.

      Could this cause the problem and how to solve it?