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    How to build line chart?


      I have recently started working on Qlik View and have installed Qlik View 9.0 Personal Edition.

      I have a requirement to develop a line chart. My SQL table contains 3 columns for quantities which are historical, forecast and actual. I also have a date column. This table thus has rows which has 3 quantities i.e. Forecast, Actual and Historical quantities for various dates.

      Now i need to display these 3 quantities across various dates on a chart, hence i understand that i would be using line chart for this purpose.

      On this line chart, i also have a requirement wherein all quantity values which are in future dates compared to current date need to be displayed as dashed lines. Hence the line would be solid till current date and beyond that if there are any entries for future date compared to current date, the line would be dashed or dotted. This needs to be done for all the 3 lines i.e. for historical, actual and forecast.

      Can anybody help/suggest me how to develop this type of line chart with dashed/dotted line for future quantity values?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.