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    Windows Authentication

    Mark Ritter

      I know that by default Qlik Sense uses Windows to authenticate users.


      Here is my scenario.


      My company is a result of an acquisition.  Half of the company is using Active Directory.  The other half is not.  There are currently no plans to purchase AD licenses and add the users that are not there now.  So any given user trying to access the hub could be in one or the other(AD or local).


      Currently I am loading attributes using an excel UDC and manually adding users as local users on the QS server.  This will not work going forward as we add more users.


      My question is this.  Will QS authenticate from both the AD and the local users?  So a user tries to login.  Will QS check the AD and if they are not there then check the local users?  Or reverse?


      If the answer is yes is there anything that I need to do to make that happen or is it automatic?


      If the answer is no do you have any ideas on how I can make this scenario work?


      Running QS 3.0