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    NPrinting Connection

    Jessica Tung

      I created a connection on NPRinting Designer last tine and saved the .nsq file last week. Today I reopened the file and wanted to create tasks, but I am not able to connect to the source. This is what I did: How to Connect to your QlikView Documents I tried Sources from the left panel ( the very bottom one) , found it active, double-clicked the connection and opened/refreshed object list. I went back to Tasks and follow the steps here, still no connection showing up. How do I make a connection? How to Distribute User Specific QlikView Reports by E-mail


      Second, what should be done on NPrinting Server? Seems like I can schedule tasks on Designer. Please let me know when to use Server. Thanks!

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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Jessica,


          After creating your Connection and before you create a Report Task you need to create a Report to add to that task. Take a look at the relevant links here: How to Create Tasks


          If you wish, you can create more than one Connection, each to different QlikView documents. During the Report creation process you will have an opportunity to select the Connection you want to use objects from.

          Once objects are added to the report the Connections field is populated. For example this Report uses objects from 2 connections:

          You use Server to automate the scheduled Jobs created in Designer. How to Configure QlikView NPrinting 16 Service


          I suggest you go through the tutorials to familiarize yourself with the many powerful features of Qlik NPrinting. QlikView NPrinting 16 Tutorials - Setup


          HTH - Daniel.