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    How to merge zeroes on axes in Line Chart?


      I have recently installed Qlik View 9.0 Personal Edition and started using Qlik View.

      I am currently developing a line chart from a SQL table having 5 columns. 3 columns belong to actual, historical and forecast quantity values in numbers .The fourth column is a date column i.e. sale date and the fifth column is also a date column having a reference date.

      I am developing a line chart that is displaying the trends for actual, historical and forecast values. These 3 are being displayed as expressions while the dimension is a date difference i.e. reference date - sale date.

      The line chart gets displayed as per expectation, but the problem is that the zero on the X axis i.e. dimension which relates to date difference is coming with an offset wrt to the zero on Y axis.

      How can i merage the 2 zeroes belonging to the 2 axes i.e. X & Y ?

      I am enclosing a screenshot below highlighting the offset.

      error loading image

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



        • How to merge zeroes on axes in Line Chart?


          On the chart properties, go to the Axes tab and set Continuous to ON, be aware of how this changes the chart because it might have an impact that you don't want, but it certainly merged the zero's on my chart (no idea why though).

          Good luck,

            • How to merge zeroes on axes in Line Chart?

              Hi Nigel,

              Thanks for the info.

              I tried doing as you mentioned. Somehow, the values on X axes got reversed, i.e. now '6' on X axis got merged with '0' with on Y axis and no matter whatever i try doing it doesnot get reversed, i.e. '0' on X axis doesnot get merged with '0' on Y axis. I tried all the possible settings on Sort tab but those didn't work. Sad I think i might be missing something here(not sure what though)

              I am enclosing my resultant screenshot below.

              Any idea how can i reverse the value display on X axis so that it becomes 6 <--- 0 ?