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    How to sum values taking into account filters?

      Hi everyone,


      I'm qlik sense entry level user...and as all new user problems start so quickly. I have a table containing the fields:

      - cities

      - countries

      - clicks

      it looks like:


      CITY          COUNTRY          CLICKS

      paris             France                 100

      nice              France                   50

      london          UK                         10

      madrid          Spain                      5

      barcelona      Spain                      2


      In my app I use a filter by COUNTRY and a second filter by CITY and I wanto to show the number of clicks as a KPI value object according to filters applied by the app user. For instance, if I select:

      Country filter: France


      The KPI object should display 150.


      I'm currently using the Sum(CLICKS) function in the KPI object  and the displayed value doesn't change with the filter selection. it is always displaying 167 (100+50+10+5+2).


      How can I make a sum taking into account the current value of the filters?


      Thanks in advance for your help,