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    Mapping KML - fail

    Brianna Knoppow


      I use Qlik Sense and I would like to incorporate mapping.. I followed instructions to add a KML file, however instead of showing my ~7 or so columns when I added the kml, it shows only three, with new titles: doc.Name, doc.Point, doc.Area. I need my "Region" column to show up so my map can be divided in regions and connected to my Excel file (which has a Region column).


      My process was as follows:


      ArcGIS for Desktop - add data to ArcGIS map. Rename relevant layer column to match Qlik Excel file column. Simplify geometry. Convert to klm - but it actually made it a .kmz. Change '.kmz to .zip' then unzip file to reveal 'doc.kml.' Import kml file to Qlik. See the 3 mysterious columns (doc.Name, doc.Point, doc.Area) in the table and no "Region" column.


      Advice on how to rectify this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.