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    Commonly co-ordered products

    Andrew Hutchins

      I am trying to determine a way to quantify the product co-ordering between different invoices.

      Essentially, for a given product, what other products have been ordered with it, and how many times were the products ordered together

      Example Data

      Invoice number     Product

      11111                     Product A

      11111                     Product B

      11111                     Product C

      11111                     Product D

      22222                    Product C

      22222                    Product E

      33333                    Product A

      33333                    Product E

      33333                    Product F


      Selection/Filter: Product A

      Product A     2 (this should equal the total count of that product ordered)

      Product B     1

      Product C     2

      Product D     1

      Product E      0

      Product F      0


      With a specific product selected, I want look at the other Invoices where that product was ordered, and determine the other products co-ordered, then calculate the frequency.

      So with this example; for invoices where Product A was ordered,

      Products B, C and D have been co-ordered, and C is the most commonly co-ordered product.


      Another example

      Selection/Filter: Product C

      Part A     2

      Part B     1

      Part C     3  (this should equal the total count of that product ordered)

      Part D     1

      Part E      1

      Part F      1