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    Stacked Bar chart ignore 2nd dimension

    Purushotham M


      I wanted to produce a chart which can ignore 2nd dimension here 'Flag'. I am able to produce the graph using Excel but in need to get the same as interactive chart in QlikView.


      Here is the data i prepared in Excel ChartData-1

          Chart data.jpg

      And i am able to produce below chart in Excel

      Chant 1.jpg

      to create the same chart i have done back end processing in QlikView load script to format the data as ChartData-1 but this will be static and this data will not change based on selection in list box.


      I was able to make the same data format in Pivot table, for that I created "Flag" Field to separate the data, but I am unable to get "Remaining" from it. since Remaining will be calculated based on Dimension, now i need to ignore the 2nd dimension in chart to get the exact value.

      Here is the Pivot table which i created in QlikView.



      Where TotalSubmited= (Submit-1+Submit-2+Submit-3+Submit-4+Submit-0)

      and Remaining = TotalSubmited - (Verified+Postponed+Closed+Rejected)


      I need TotalSubmited and Remaining to have same value for both the flag in a week.


      Pleas help solving this problem. Thanks in advance.

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Can you post the excel file?

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              Purushotham M



              Here is the excel containing example. please do the needful.

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                  Gysbert Wassenaar

                  Use this script:


                  CrossTable(Status, Value,2)

                  LOAD Floor(wk) as wk,

                       Floor(Flag) as Flag,
















                    (ooxml, embedded labels, table is ALL_D, filters( Replace(1, top, StrCnd(null))))



                  Then create a bar chart with the following dimensions:

                  • wk
                  • Flag
                  • Status

                  And use sum(Value) as expression.

                  Click on the + in front of the expression on the Expressions tab, select Background color and enter an expression that sets the background color for Base1 and Base2 to transparent: if(Match(Status, 'Base1','Base2'),red(0),color(FieldIndex('Status',Status)))

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                      Purushotham M

                      Hi Thanks for the response.


                      I have huge data to be processed behind and I can't include that data as sample.


                      but I am able to get exact values as chart below, but i am unable to get the previous row value using

                      Here is the formula

                      RealTotalSubmit= (Submit-1 + Submit-2 + Submit-3 + Submit-4 + Submit-0)

                      RealToalVarified= (Verified+Postponed+Closed+Rejected)

                      Base1 =if(Flag=1,  RealTotalSubmit)

                      Base2 =if(Flag=1,  RealTotalSubmit)

                      Base3 =if(Flag=1,  RealTotalSubmit)

                      I tried 'Base1 = Above(Base3)', but not working.


                      I can get accumulation in bar chart so in just need Base1 to get the previous Remaining value for Base3 or Base2


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                  Sunny Talwar

                  What are the expressions behind Submit-1, Submit-2, Submit-3 etc? Making an assumption that they are Sum(Measure1), Sum(Measure2), Sum(Measure3) and so on, this is what you can try:


                  Total Submitted


                  Sum(TOTAL <Week> Measrure1),

                  Sum(TOTAL <Week> Measrure2),

                  Sum(TOTAL <Week> Measrure3),

                  Sum(TOTAL <Week> Measrure4),

                  Sum(TOTAL <Week> Measrure0))



                  [Total Submitted] -


                  Sum(TOTAL <Week> Verified),

                  Sum(TOTAL <Week> Postponed),

                  Sum(TOTAL <Week> Closed),

                  Sum(TOTAL <Week> Rejected))


                  So the main thing here is the use of TOTAL here. Read about it here: What does the TOTAL qualifier do?

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                    Purushotham M

                    Hi All,


                    I found the solution by using below expression.


                    Alt(Above(TOTAL if(Flag=1,  RealTotalSubmit)))


                    Thanks for trying.