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    Dynamic comparison

    Deepika TR



      Below is the design I am trying to achieve in Qlik Sense.



      The selections in the above fields are used to manipulate the visualizations.


      I have written an Inline load to load the three types of Comparison periods (MoM, QoQ, YoY). Based on the selection of Comparison period selection, I am changing the fields for the Compare and against drop downs. The expression is -

      If (GetSelectedCount(Type)=1,if (GetFieldSelections(Type)='Month on Month (MoM)',Text(FromMonthYear),if (GetFieldSelections(Type)='Quarter on Quarter (QoQ)',Text(FromQuarterYear),if (GetFieldSelections(Type)='Year on Year (YoY)',FromYear,FromYear))),FromYear)


      Type field has the Comparison Period types. FromMonthYear, FromQuarterYear, FromYear are the three fields derived from resident load of the master calendar.


      The values for (2) and (3) are populating correctly based on (1) selection. But for some reason, when I am selecting values in (2) or (3), all the 3 values in (1) are getting selected.


      Can anyone please point what is the mistake in the design, or is there an alternative to achieve the required design ?