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    Sort dimension by extension?


      how can I sort dynamicly a dimension by an extension?

      I define the dimension in definition.xml:


      <Dimension  Initial=""/>

        <Initiate Name="Chart.Dimension.1.Field" Value="AdvertiserPageNumber" />



      I tried this code in the extension:

      Qva.AddExtension(name, function(){


                me = this,

                $this = $(this.Element),

                $btn = $('<div/>')



                                    me.Layout.SetProperty('Chart.Dimension.1.Sort.PrimarySort.Use', '0', false);

                                    me.Layout.SetProperty('Chart.Dimension.1.Sort.PrimarySort', '3', false);

                                    me.Layout.SetProperty('Chart.Dimension.1.Sort.PrimarySortOrder', '1', true);




      If I start the application in the web view and press the button, nothing happends. The annonym function is called and no data is sorted. I hope you can helf me.


      Heinz Beck