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    Calculate a value using the "Partial Sums" from Pivot Table


      I've been facing an issue when trying to get a calculated value. What I want is to calculate the percentage of each 'Num' in the 'Total'. Meaning, if we select the 'CARRCD'=DY, I wanted the following value to be presented in another column, (10/40)*100 .

      error loading image

      In order to calculate the field 'Num' I've used the formula

      sum(aggr($(vNumTickets),CustomerName1, CARRCD))

      so that it's possible to present the total sum of the field 'Num' when selecting the option 'Show Partial Sums' for the field 'CustomerName1'.

      Since the Total is an information we get from the PIVOT Table, how can I perform that division using the value provided by the TOTAL?

      Thank you very much for your time.