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    RE:Need clarity on Qmc [Sense]

    Chanty 4u

      Hi all,


      I have some doubts on Qliksense server   i mentioned below.  can anyone give some insights on below  questions

      Thanks in Advance.

      Levi Turner

      Chris Turner

      Toni Kautto

      Rohit Kumar

      Miguel Braga


      1)How to add a group of people in qmc and provide access for particular app in any stream.


      3)how to restrict tokens ?


      4)DB connections can we create in qmc or any process is there??


      5)how to create new user in qmc


      7)What are types of security methods in qliksense, like section and user & license accesses ?



      8)How to provide app access for new user and if he is not in AD group ?



      9)Users and License Management; how to create sync rule; how it's connected??



      10)what are types of admins and it’s use; ?



      11)How can we do for data reduction in QMC ?



      12)Can we configure Alert mails or not in QMC ?



      13) is there any configuration to access reports in web URL ?


      14).Single sign on  is possible?



      15)ie & ajax    which we will prefer?  Ajax is avail or not?



      16)types of log files in qliksense