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    Connection to Qlik service failed, shutting down

    Abrar Ansari




      I have created a window application using Qlik Sense .Net SDK. I am showing list of qlik user in a dropdown list and then showing App list in another dropdown on the basis of selected user and finally showing list of KPI in third dropdown on App change envent.


      I am adding App id and KPI Id in local database to show the KPI in Window form.


      Issue is:

      When i select particular App from app list and if KPI of the same App is displaying in another form(even in browser) then i am getting error pop up on the form or browser which displaying the KPI


      This error occurred only when we select the same app from list which KPI is displaying otherwise no error.



      Suppose we have 3 App in dropdown A,B,C. And currently showing KPI from App "A" on Form or webbrowser. If i select App "A" from dropdown list then i get error. In case i select "B" or "C" then do not getting any error.





        Window Form: