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    Schedule image creation


      In QlikView I have created a new blank file.

      Then I create a new Sheet Object, Text Object. In the text object i type (General, Foreground, Text) =now()

      Now I want to create a Macro that export this object to an image on disk.

      I then want this macro to be executed on a scheduled basis.

      Can anyone help me on what to click and type to do this?

        • Schedule image creation

          I have managed to create a Macro (Ctrl + M)

          sub createImage
          ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("TX01").ExportBitmapToFile "C:\temp\staticimage.bmp"
          end sub

          When I click Check it seems to work and Test creates the image.

          My next step is to create a trigger from menu Settings, Document properties, Triggers. I have tested most of the available Events but it doesnt work when scheduled. I can select OnOpen, Add Action, Add, External Run Macro, createImage, Save the file and reload it and the image creation works.

          I want it scheduled so in Enterprise Management Console, Documents I select the file and tab Reload. Enable the Reload Schedule and I can see in Status tab it is running but no image is created.


          • Schedule image creation


            the image that you have shown seems to be some sort of pdf report! if that's the case then you should be copying your image( dashboard ) and then goto reports add and then edit and finally paste your screen onto it. Now the second step is to create a macro for automatic sending it to the required customers etc. now for this purpose press ctrl+m and goto edit module section and you have type the coding...the language you should be using is vb though you have the option of using java script but is is not quite recommended by qlikview so better use visual basic.

            now you have to ask the client their smtp server port and other networking requirements based on which you can test your sending option.

            if you need help on the coding part of vb then kindly let me know.

            Now after when the above macros are created you have to schedule your qlikview application on daily basis for auto generation of your reports( or image in your case ). for this purpose you need to create batch file and for reloading your have to give \r in between your qlikview exe file and the application.