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    Avoid document save in Nprinting reload task

    Gard Hillestad



      I am trying to optimize an Nprinting program by doing a binary load of a large .qwd in order to extract some reports from a document containing a minimum of objects. The running time of the app is however drastically slowed down when the task saves the .qwd that was reloaded. I dont need the duplicate data, and I intend to reload whenever the Nprinting app runs.


      What I want to do:
      1. Nprinting opens an app A with my reports embedded but no data.
      2. Nprinting does a binary load of my master QVW app B.

      3. Nprinting populates the reports in A and sends emails.
      4. Nprinting closes A without saving!

      5. Next iteration can be repeated.


      Why I want to do this:

      1. It takes a long time for Nprinting to open and save large QVW files.

      2. I dont need the QVW file to take up disc space when not in use


      (I have tried to check "close when task finishes")


      best regards,

      Gard Hillestad