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    How To Pass Stored Procedure Parameters From Dashboard

    fatih arslan

      Hi guys.


      Currently i am trying to pass sp parameters from dashboard. I've created 4 variables which will be using in sp. Just like this;


      Let vFrmnr ='600_01';

      Let vFrmnr2 = '600';

      Let vStartdate = '20150101';

      Let vEnddate = '20150501';


      LOAD *;

      SQL EXECUTE LS_XXXX '$(vFrmnr)','$(vFrmnr2)','$(vStartdate)','$(vEnddate)';


      Now i am trying to change those variables' values from dashboard. I've tried the well-known qs-variable extension. But i couldn't handle it.

      Can someone please send me a sample .qvd for this purpose?


      Thank you.