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    Excel Chart to Qlik Conversion

    Vince Agresto

      Been working at this for awhile can anyone help me convert this data?:


      Reporting MonthJan-16Feb-16Mar-16Apr-16May-16Jun-16Jul-16Aug-16



      Group1 =if(Source= 'X', count(PersonID))

      Group2 =if(Source= 'Y', count(PersonID))


      into this type of Excel chart (table not needed):


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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Create a combi chart with three expressions.

          • count({<Source={'X'}>}PersonID)/count(PersonID)
          • count({<Source={'y'}>}PersonID)/count(PersonID)
          • count(PersonID)

          Give the first two expression Bar as Display option

          Give the third expression Line and Symbol as Display option

          On the Style tab set the Subtype setting to Stacked

          On the Axes tab set the Position setting of the third expression to Right (Top) so it gets displayed on the secondary axis.

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            Vince Agresto

            I was trying this, but was not able to get them to stack.


            As a work around you have to turn it to a bar chart first - select stacked - then turn it to a combo chart...... weird


            Thanks for your help.


            Qlik looks way better than Excel