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    Amend the formula used in an expression based upon the value in a dimension?


      Is it possible to change the formula used to evaluate and expression based upon the value in a dimension (in a straight table for instance)

      I have tried the following, loading 2 table KPI and Values


      [KPI ID], [UseFormula]

      1, Field1 + Field2

      2, Field1

      3, (Field 1 / Field2)


      [KPI ID], [Field1], [Field2]

      1, 2, 10

      2, 4, 11

      3, 5, 12


      And then created a straight table with [KPI ID] as the dimension and [UseFormula] as the expression. What it does is produce a table exactly like KPI, i was hoping it would actually evaluate Field1 and Field2 and use their corresponsing values from the Values table. But i'm wrong. Is there a way of acheiving this, i've thought about using a variable, but with me wanting the formula to change from row to row in my table i don't think this will work - can anyone advise. Appreciate your help.