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    Nprinting Connection to Qlikview server

    Amir Panah

      Dear All,


      I have installed Nprinting 17.2 (engine and server) in one machine and Qlikview server in other. from my Np server I can open qvw file with qlikview desktop from qlik server but when i try to create connection from Nprinting to qlikview server i receive errors like :One or more engine are not working. Engine is Fine because i can make connection to local qvw.

      My questions are:

      • in qvp:// is it enough to type server ip and document name or do we need to specify the path?
      • Since the account that runs the Nprinting is qlikview domain , do i need to fill up the server authentication?
      • The required ports are open in Nprinting server , Do i need to open any others on Qlikview server? (qlik server is under use for few years)
      • Since Nprinting can connect to local file and they can be open in designer , do i need to be worry about qlikview version ?


      Your help would be appreciated.