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    100% at stacked bars only with expressions

      Hi there,


      my name is Walter and I am new at qlikview and as you can guess, I have some problems.


      I need to make a diagram (bar) with only two expressions:

      count(SW_VERSION)                                 (=open)

      count(HOSTNAME) - count(SW-VERSION)  (=closed)


      and now I need them both stacked and the one bar alltogehter at 100%.

      e.g. 46%open <--> 54%closed.


      If I am trying to use relative, it appears 100%open <--> 100%closed.


      With numbers only, everything is fine.


      What did I do wrong?


      Thx in advance.


      Edit: And another question: If I need a count like this


      count({<REV_ABC={'bla'}, REV_DEF={'blub'}>} HOSTNAME)


      but after {'blub'}>} the HOSTNAME is not redcolored and wont work....