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    AND selection

    Sherry Schroeder

      I am new to QlikvView and am struggling with a chart table box I need to create. The end user needs to select on three seperate fields to determine if a "Copay Handler" exists. Because there are three seperate values we search on I am returning too many records. If we search by "Copay Handler" we return 5 records. If we search on the following values to try to find the "Copay Handler" we return 2,117 records.

      AAFU formulary copay handler dollar values:


      Min dollars: 10, 50

      Percent: 30%, 50%

      Max dollars: 150, 75


      I think I need to use an AND selection but it needs to be on the three fields and I don't know how to code that. I have attached my 3D document so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.



        • AND selection


          I'm looking at your file, but the selections you want are not clear, to begin with when you select max dollar value of 75 then neither 10 or 50 is an option in min dollars so it appears that the combination you have specified above doesn't work.

          Are you saying that you expect to be able to select Min Dollars 10 & 50 AND Percent 30 & 50 AND Max Dollars 150 & 75 and that this should show you 5 records?

          In the above statement you say that searching in Copay Handler returns 5 records, what are you selecting in that field to return 5 records?



            • AND selection
              Sherry Schroeder

              Hi Nigel,

              Thank you for the quick response to my post.

              After further discussion with the end user we've discovered that the select does not work unless we include 0.00 in the Min Dollars, Max Dollars, and Percent selections. We have also discovered that we need to include the Tier Max of 30 in our selection to further narrow down the search. We are currently testing concatenating the type field to the Min Dollars, Max Dollars, and Percent fields to make our selections more unique.

              To return the unique values for the Copay Handler 'AAFU' we are entering the following:

              Min Dollars - 0, 10, 50

              Max Dollars - 0, 75, 150

              Percent - 0, 30, 50

              Tier Max - 30

              along with Copay Handler 'AAFU'

              The purpose of the exercise is to return 'AAFU' in the copay handler field by entering the above values (except for the copay handler). I hope this clears up what I am looking for and any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated.




                • AND selection

                  Hi Sherry

                  The problem is that even when you enter all of those values in the selection box, this doesn't represent a unique combination for the AAFU copay handlet.

                  You should understand that QlikView ALWAYS uses an AND operation on searches, therefore, if you select against multiple fields QlikView is showing you the results of the combination of those fields.

                  In order to get to only AAFU, you need to find out what is the unique combination of values.