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    Qlik Sense - Nested Variable Evaluation

    Tom Forse

      Is there a method to dynamically evaluate nested variables?


      I am trying to allow my users the ability to dynamically select a variable for current, previous and next quarter. The vQtrSelect has a drop down extension that lets the users dynamically select this variable. This variable would then be evaluated in vCurrentQtr.

      The vCurrentQtr variable is evaluated within set analysis in the measures. The below is what I am trying to accomplish but it is failing to evaluate the vQtrSelect variable.


      LET vQtrSelect = 2;

      LET vCurrentQtr = '=IF(vQtrSelect=1,QuarterName(Today(0),-1),IF(vQtrSelect=2,QuarterName(Today(0)),QuarterName(Today(0)),+1))';