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    REST connector transforms data on load

    Rasmus Gadensgaard



      I'm having some trouble with the REST connector. When I get data from a RESTful API, Qlikview sometimes truncates leading zeroes in the data. For example 0.099 becomes 99, which messes with the data, because other rows are not transformed, ex. 142.34 becomse 142.34.


      I've run the same query using Fiddler, which confirms that the API actually returns the value 0.099 on that row.


      The select statement from qlikview looks like this:







        FROM "columnHeaders" FK "__FK_columnHeaders" ArrayValueAlias "@Value"),





        "@Value" AS "@Value_u0",


        FROM "rows" FK "__FK_rows_u0" ArrayValueAlias "@Value_u0")

        FROM "rows" PK "__KEY_rows" FK "__FK_rows")

      FROM JSON "reportData" PK "__KEY_reportData";



      The question is if there is a way to force qlikview to leave the data untouched.  have tried putting "Text(@Value)" AS "@Value_u0" on line 11, but that made no difference.


      There are no additional transformations happening after this step, so I have confirmed that it is within this select statement the problem occurs.