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    Impossible to create a connection on a Qlik Sense App

    Stephane Montani



      I try to find help on the community but all discussions on this subject don't resolve my case.


      We have 2 servers :

      LABQLIKS1 with QlikView server and Qlik nPrinting 17.2

      LABQLIKS2 with Qlik Sense 3.0


      I publish a Qlik Sense app in a specific Stream with rights for users. I open the app correctly. My user is rootadmin of Qlik Sense server.


      When I want to create a connection I had a problem during the cache generation and finally the status of the connexion is "OK" but for the cache, I obtain this message "Request has been purged due to connection errors"


      The log file give this information : "Reload metadata task c4590749-e090-49e0-b253-1f20a1555c1a sent to queue"


      I try to export and import Qlik Sense certificate without succes and for some existing connexions, the certificate stopped working without reason. We do not use a specific certificate. We use the Qlik Sense self signed certificate (I think he never expires...).


      Thanks for helping,