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    Mats Sonefors

      I think it is very confusing what kind of license one need to develop applications.

      I have had different and unclear answers if we need a developer license or not to develop applikations.

      There seems to be confusion about that, even by QlikView staff.

      Is there a way to get a clear answer? Maby any written documentation?

      Best regards

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          Anatoly Pyatygo

          If you have QlikView 9.0 you no need license. you can use a personal Edition.

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              Mats Sonefors

              Hi, thanks.

              That is exactly where the confusion is.

              With personal Edition i can not change what is on the server, i can not read what others have done, and no one can read what i have done? Is that really to be comapared with a developer license?

              Seems more like a tool for somebody to make a privat applikation of their CD collection than a proffessional tool.

              I suppose i am wrong, so what do i not understand?


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                  Any QlikView file may be published on a QlikView Server, regardless of how it was created/developed. This includes files created on QlikView Personal Edition. To make this really clear, QlikView server will publish QlikView files that was created by QlikView Desktop (or Personal Edition). Once the file is published on a QlikView server, you cannot make changes to the file directly on the qlikview server without "republishing" it.

                  If you are collaborating with other QlikView developers, or maybe you just need to make changes to existing qlikview files made by other developers, you will need a QlikView Desktop license (sometimes also called QlikView Developer license).

                  The important thing to remember is that QlikView Server doesn't care about how the file was created (for example, if you create a qlikview file using a QlikView 8 trial period license, the QlikView Server will gladly accept it).



                  Exactly like Dirk is pointing out below: It is possible to configure QlikView Server to give out QlikView Desktop licenses to users. This feature is called license leasing. It is important to understand that this is a feature that actually has nothing to do with the publishing and analyzing capabilities of a QlikView Server environment. It is just used to simplify license administration for QlikView developers on a customer site.

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                    Dirk Konings

                    If you use a server and a Named User CAL for your account, you could get a leased license. Now you will be able to change existing qvw-doc's; You could even change doc's of other accounts.

                    With a registry setting you could change the license from a standard developer (leased license) to a designer or even analyzer.

                    There is also a possibility to buy a single Named User for your account. You don't lease a license, just have one for your account.

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                        Are licenses "concurrent", then, in the lease license model? If you want to publish an application that say, dozens of people might have access to, do you need to purchase dozens of licenses for those users to view the application, or is there a "non-developer" license CAL that a web user can view an application, but not "own" it?