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    One Dashboard for multiple data models


      Dear Community,




      I'm new to QlikView and have been working/playing around with QlikView a couple of weeks now.


      I'm currently searching for a solution to use and actually distribute/publish one single dashboard to analyze data of multiple exactly identical data models. Each data models represents a different company (code) on the same SAP system. They are stored separately because of the amount of data per company code. The dashboard required for the analysis stays the same for each company code. So the user just has to choose the dashboard for the company that he wants to analyze in the frontend (e.g. Internet Explorer).


      At the moment I just copied and adapted my “template” dashboard several times, one per data model and distributed them. Due to maintenance reasons I would rather use just one dashboard in which I can “globally” conduct changes to charts etc.


      Unfortunately it is not an option to combine all of the data into one single data model -> amount of data. Is there a solution for my problem? I already searched the web and the community here but didn’t find anything relevant, but I honestly also don’t know exactly what to look for.