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    exportData mashup reply

    Sheldon Kennedy

      We have created a qliksense Mashup and we are using the exportData call.

      var exportOpts = {

                      format: 'OOXML',

                      state: 'A',

                      filename: 'TEST.xlsx',

                      download: true


      app.getObject(null, qvObjectId).then(function (result) {

                      //now that

                      var table = app.table(result);

                      table.exportData(exportOpts).then(function (reply) {








      When this call is completed from within qliksense Mashup hub, this works because the download is sent to the

      tempcontent/{asbasdfasdf} folder of the root domain.

      if your qliksense domain is


      your mashup can be


      the export file will always be


      But we don't use qliksense mashup HUB.

      our site would be


      we use an external IIS to host our mashup.  So calling table.exportData does not work because the URL is incorrect.

      It tries to download the url at


      which doesn't exist.

      I thought that the exportData returns a promise so i added the then, unfortunately nothing is returned so I am not able to correct the location of the file, which I realized is stored on the qliksense server.  Is there a flag or anything that is available to figure out what is the export tempcontent info so that I can use it to get the link to downloadable file.