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    Show selected dimension in Subtitle

    Nina Iren Jensen



      Is it possible to show the selected dimension in the subtitle of another table?

      I would like to show the following in the subtitle for Selection as below;

      If Date from-to is selected: From 1/1-16 to 3/1-16

      If Week - Year is selected: Week 1-2016

      If Month - Year is selected: Month Jan-2016


      I managed to get one date or month by using


      =if(CalDate,'Period' & ' ' & CalDate,'Period' & ' ' & MonthYear)


      but as soon as I choose several dates it changes to MonthYear, and I am not able to set the expression for having Week-Year as a third option.


      This is correct since only one date is selected.


      This is correct - MonthYear is selected


      Here it should say From 1/1/2016 to 4/1/2016