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    multiple criteria mapping

    Mike Seisbye

      I am trying to lookup some prices.. And i'm guessing it's the easiest when loading and adding some mappings. But please correct me if i'm wrong.


      I have attached a picture on how i suppose the two tables will look, after i have loaded them into qlik.




      In the first table (Price lists)  I will have alot of different prices for each Item.  in this case there are 3 types.  A, B or NETT.  A & B are for any unspecified customer.   NETT are a specific price, for a  specifik item, for a specifik customer.  AND it can get broken into as many quantities you would like.  her i have used 1, 25 and 100.  So to get the price of 80. you need to by 25 or more.  100 for the price of 70 etc.


      so in the next table i have my problem.  It's in this load i'm assuming it's best to do a mapping of some sort?  Our condideration can be several things.  Line 1.    customer 1 buys 8 of item 311a.. only getting the very small discount.   Quantity achived are the "first" level are 1.  And it's a nett price.  line 2 and 3 needs no explanation i assume.


      Line 4 are a regular customer have an A price list agreement calling in and buying Item 311A..  Not having a NETT price. so it will automaticly just get the A price for this item.(this is not a problem getting this part)  the sales table will already have this info from the colomn Price list, which i forgot to fill, but if it a Nett price i will say. and then we need to look up) list will already have this information.


      Line 5. the customer 1 buy an item where there are no price agreement, and they get list price.


      How do i achive this?