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    Add Years to Sample App in Qlik Sense Cloud

      Using Qlik Sense Cloud, I’m evaluating the feasability of using this software to dig into my personal stock trading transactions.  I have followed the first two tuition apps (Beginner’s and Building an app). Then, in attempting to build my own app I have encountered the problem of building a filter for the dates (“Period” in the two sample apps mentioned), with the intention of adding it into my customized master dimensions.

      I ended up in confusion and then attempted to copy the date filter set up from the sample app, with again much confusion, being unable to find any guidance in the help file. I then discovered that I could duplicate an entire sheet, which I did, with the intention of adopting one of the sample apps as a guide, deleting unnecessary facets and retaining the ones useful, such as the date filter and its attribution to the  master dimensions.

      This marked a progress and seemed to allow me to proceed to the desired customization; but unfortunately the sample that I start from includes dates which are “out of date”; in particular the years 2015 and 2016 are not included.

      As I find no way to add these years in the list and nowhere in the help or on the site I was able to find any discussion on this issue, that should not be unusual for newcomers like me. May you kindly address me to understandable instructions or provide directly the necessary guidance.

      Thank you kindly



        Oct.21, 2016