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    QDF : call LoadVariableCSV how to load expression with ' ,'  sign in expression using

    Arjen Tervoort



      I'am starting to use QDF. The call LoadVariableCSV enables to load expressions from .csv file.


      All nice but when I have an expression with , in them, it does nt seem to work. Anbody how to solve this?


      Kind regards,




      example : row 3 does not work



      LET eG.Sales€YTD,sum($(vSetYTD)Sales),,Sales

      LET eG.Margin%LYTDIFC1, sum({<$(vSetPreviousYearYTDModifier), %IFC={'1'}>}Margin)/sum({<$(vSetPreviousYearYTDModifier), %IFC={'1'}>}Sales), , Sales