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    Filter on yes/no field created from another field

    jay davis

      I'm trying to create a yes-no field that I can use in a filter within my app. I'm ending up with duplicate rows. The point of the app is to provide a way for people to filter IDs that are in db#1 based on whether or not they exist in db#2. Here's a sample dataset that mimics the raw data I'm working with:


      ID, dbnum, dbID

      1, 1, EX4502

      1, 2, 68465832

      2, 1, VM640

      3, 1, DX1201

      3, 2, 49674828

      4, 2, 3857393837

      5, 1, VX12


      Here's how I'd like to transform the data:


      ID, db1ID, db2ID, Has_db2ID

      1, EX4502, 68465832, Yes

      2, VM640, , No

      3, DX1201, 49674828, Yes

      4, , 3857393837, Yes

      5, VX12, , No


      Here's the load query I'm using:


      SET cYES = Dual('Yes', 1);

      SET cNO = Dual('No', 0);





          If(dbnum = '1', dbID) as db1ID

      FROM [file]


      WHERE match(dbnum, '1');


      left keep LOAD


          If(dbnum = '2', dbID) as db2ID,

          If(db = '2', $(cYES), $(cNO)) as Has_db2ID

      FROM [file]


      WHERE match(dbnum, '2', '1');


      I end up with data that looks and behaves like this:


      ID, db1ID, db2ID, Has_db2ID

      1, EX4502, , No

      1, EX4502, 68465832, Yes


      Within a table that displays the data, if I filter by ID = 1 I get multiple rows as above. I have a map in my app that lights up for ID = 1 when I filter for both yes and no values for Has_db2ID (after I load this data I'm also loading geospatial & other data that contains ID).


      I've tried with resident loads, concatenating & other ways of creating the yes/no field, but still got the same result (or introduced other issues that still didn't get rid of the extra row). I need a data model that gives me one row per ID. Thanks for any advice!