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    Help with merge cell nprinting excel formatting

      Hi, I've got an nprinting report with a complex layout that needs to be excel and pdf formatted.  My issue is the report is not a straight grid and nprinting doesn't work well with merged cells (basically it ignores them)


      What I need


      Nprinting goal.PNG


      What nprinting does


      Qlikview Current.PNG


      Right now we are using images for everything and it's working from a display perspective but it obviously is an image and not editable data.  Also resulting in very large files.  We can not use variables for everything because all and all we have well over 100 values on this page alone.  The reports are 8 pages between 2 documents.


      Any advice?  We've considered other Nprinting files like word and pixel perfect but ran ito a whole slew of other issues.  This was the closest we could get.  Requirements are very exact and deviation from the original layout is highly discouraged.