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    Log Error in Lib load

    Fernando Keuroglian

      Hi Expert,


      I have an error, but is strange because i have the correct create the Folder to the source of qvds, but i still have this error when i try to acces to the root of the qvds.


      2016-10-22 22:16:45      FROM [lib://QVD/SabanaVentasHistorico.qvd](qvd)

      2016-10-22 22:16:45      Error: Cannot open file: 'lib://QVD/SabanaVentasHistorico.qvd'

      2016-10-22 22:16:45      Execution Failed

      2016-10-22 22:16:45      Execution finished.


      I see the route of the folder that i have the qvd and it is accesible and i can get the qvds that i am try to load in this execution


      what can i see, other clue?


      Thanks a lot


      Fernando K.