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    How do I aggregate data from Dimension 2 for Dimension 1?

    Mike Czerwonky



      I really did not know what to call this, so I will give you my scenario and hope that someone has accomplished this already


      I have a dimension that has 500 values.  In my example it is model of cars.   Each car can have multiple colors.  Dimension 2 is the color.  My goal is to create a straight table where I can aggregate the possible colors for each model into one cell.  It is possible for there to be 10 red mustangs, so I would only want red listed once in the Aggregation expression.  Optimally the values in the expression are separate by commas, but any other delimiter is fine.   There is a unique field that has a ID number for each car, but I will not use that in the chart, so there are not really duplicate records in the table of data.


      Unfortunately, I can not share my actual data, but if you can solve this problem, I can apply it to my data model.


      Dimensional Aggregation.PNG