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    How to read local groups in QlikView for Section Access

      I have created several local groups on the QlikView server (Windows groups). Depending on the name of the group, the access should be restricted. But how can I read the local groups including the users in that group in QlikView? I have managed to read the LDAP-groups (same construction), but can't find a way to read the local groups. We need to use local groups instead of Active Directory network groups because of changing the infrastructure by our IT department.


      For example:

      The local group is called "QlikView Report 1X" or "QlikView Report 2-". Users in the group ending with 1X need to have other access to the data (limited) and objects/tabs in the dashboard than the users in the group ending with 2-. So I need to know in what local group the user that opens the app, but for the admins, I need to read all the groups (they are dynamic so an inline load doesn't fit), so I can grant access to all the data and objects/tabs in the app.