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    Mashup on external server

    Christophe Decluseau

      Hi all !


      I'm just testing mashup with Qlik Sense (3.0.0) and I dont understand some things.


      My testing environment is :

      - My (laptop) local environment with IIS and a test website

      - 1 VM with Qlik Sense enterprise (1 user with a user access)


      The environment is ok :

      On my VM : QMC and Hub works with any problem. I access to Dev-Hub to prepare and configure simple mashup.

      On my laptop : My test website works with any problem. I successfully accessing QMC and Hub from my VM.

      I also adding an iframe in my test website for testing mashup (I'm using License and Operations Monitor apps) and It's ok.


      1/ From my laptop, when accessing my testing website (http://localhost/...), I don't understand why I don't have some credential for Qlik Sense object. I know my user have a User access, but where Qlik Sense grab the right information ?


      Then I prepare a mashup with Dev-Hub (with .js file) and analyse it. And try to apply the same process on my test website after.

      Then I have an error :


      In this screenshot, the 2 objects (left and right) are previous iframe who corks correctly.

      The central object in error is "normal". It's just a test.

      The error occurs (I suppose) from the object who don't appears here. I think I've well parametered the .js file :

      var config = {

        host: "MyHostName",

        prefix: "/",

        port: window.location.port,

        isSecure: true



      2/ Is this an error due to credentials ? Because at any moment I tell to Qlik Sense who am I in this test website.


      I hope I was clear :op. Don't hesitate to ask question if necessary. And thanks for the help !