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    Folder Connection through Network in Qlik Sense

    Rodrigue Saade



      I have the following issue: i have 2 Qlik Sense servers on different networks and i need Qlik Sense to be able to share their Data Layer between each other.


      More Details: i have the following folder:

      - A: \\Server1\c\Qlik\DataLayer

      - B: \\Server2\c\Qlik\DataLayer


      I need Qlik Sense of Server 1 to be able to see B (STORE QVDs in it and Read QVDs from it)

      and Qlik Sense of Server 2 to be able to see A (STORE QVDs in it and Read QVDs from it).


      The main issue is that there is that the 2 servers are on different networks and there is no shared Active Directories between them to enable Windows Sharing possibilities between them.


      What i could do is to open the folder A from Server 2, but it is always asking for credentials.


      How can i make this folder connection work in Qlik Sense Apps?


      Thank you in advance.