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    Widgets - Access more than 10 columns x 50 rows of data

    Henning Naarlien-Tolpinrud



      I'm developing a custom table widget, and ran into a problem. It would seem that even though I can ask for as many dimensions and measures I want to, sense will only return the first 10 columns in the hypercube to my widget (even though layout.qHyperCube.qDimensionInfo.length and layout.qHyperCube.qMeasureInfo.length will match up with the number of dims and measures requested), and perhaps even worse, only the first 50 rows of data are available to me, with no obvious way to page further through the data set.


      I noticed that 10x50 is the default when developing a new extension, so I guess this is the original source of this limitation - however, for extensions, this can be changed. Is there a way to change this for widgets, too? Perhaps with a Custom Component?


      If not - this has got to be a bug, right?


      For a bit more info, see Widget hypercube qwidth can it be adjusted greater than 10


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