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    Help with adding an expression

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi, i want to create an expression for the following....

      we have several thousand transaction ID numbers (Transid) with a number of products against each (SalesQuantity). I would like to create an expression which will only display TRANSIDs with 2 or more SALESQUANTITY against them. Its gets more difficult as some transaction id's have duplicates (but with a different product against it) so i would like it to total up the duplicate Transid's.


      Transid SalesQuantity

      211125 1

      211125 3

      211131 2

      211139 1

      211144 1


      i would like the expression only to display the Transid:

      211125 (as this totals to 4 products)

      211131 (as this totals to 2)

      but not to display the latter 2 Transid's as these are less than 2.

      Can anyone help??