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    Expression in where clause on JDE date field

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi all,


      i am trying to add a WHERE clause in my script to restrict a date by year. its JDE julian dates and i am using the following



      SQL SELECT *

      FROM PRODDTA.F4111 where right(Date(MakeDate(1900+left(text(ILTRDJ),len(ILTRDJ)-3))+right(text(ILTRDJ),3)-1) ,2)=15;



      the expression right(Date(MakeDate(1900+left(text(ILTRDJ),len(ILTRDJ)-3))+right(text(ILTRDJ),3)-1) ,2) returns the final 2 characters of the date, i.e. 15.

      does anyone know why this isnt working?