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    Cannot paste in Excel

      I right click on chart, copy to clipboard, & select object & open excel 2007 as well as 2010 & paste. Nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?



        • Cannot paste in Excel
          Fernando Toledo

          Is your computer plugged in?

          Just kidding!

          What kind of client do you use? Desktop, plugin, ajax.. ?

          If Desktop, are you trying to copy the data or the object? If the object, you have to install the IE plugin too.

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            • Cannot paste in Excel

              I am trying to copy the object and am using the personal edition. Where do I get IE plugin & why does IE has anything to do with Excel?



                • Cannot paste in Excel


                  I think there might be some mis-understanding here, you say you are right clicking, copy to clipboard and then OBJECT!!

                  If this really is the case then this wont work, the object is a specific QLIKVIEW item that will only do anything in QlikView, the copy function here is so you can duplicate an existing object. If you want to copy the chart into excel then you should select Copy to Clipboard, IMAGE.

                  However, if you want the data from the chart in excel then you should select send values to excel.


                  My second comment above "might" also be mis-leading, because QlikView can allow Excel/Powerpoint etc to interact with it and in this case you would want to copy an Object, but this functionality only works when you are using a QlikView server product, it won't work with personal edition.

                  On the IE Plug-In, you don't use it with personal edition!