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    NPrinting fail to run task

    Jay Fitchett

      Hey everyone,

      We are brand new to NPrinting and are having some trouble getting a test report sent out via email.

      We are running NPrinting 17.2 on a dedicated Windows 2012 server virtual machine. Also, we are running the latest version of Qlik Sense.


      Within the NPrinting environment, we have setup the app, connection, report, and task correctly (at least I think?). When I select the Task and click "Run now", I get a confirmation with a task ID saying it has been scheduled... but nothing happens. I've checked out the NPrinting logs and it doesn't look good. I can't decipher what these warnings/ errors mean? We created a couple test connections but have since deleted them. We currently only have 1 connection/app/report/task. Some insight would be greatly appreciated!