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    Using a flag to count

    Robert Winkel

      Below is the logic I am using.

      It is flagging the two cells that are white under MOP2. 

      I was hoping that on line two after the INV','_', would work but no luck

      **** (Match(MOP2,'FACI','PRIV','GUAR','CASH','CHRG','INV',' ',


      What Can I use to exclude the blank cells?


        if((Match(MOP,'FACI','PRIV','GUAR','CASH','CHRG','INV')<1 and ElecAdj = 0 ) or

      (Match(MOP2,'FACI','PRIV','GUAR','CASH','CHRG','INV',' ',)<1 and ElecAdj2 = 0),1,0) as Flag,