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    Where statement in Qlik Sense

    Jessica Lee

      After loading data using a REST connector, I am trying to parse it using another load step and where statement as follows.

      [seriesID] is comprised of three different series codes.  I would like to given them each a separate name using this load step.


      Next,  I would like to format the date which is currently stored as two separate columns -- year for year and period for month (M01, M02, etc) into the following format -- YYYY-MM-DD.  I have been using this code to do this, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it with two separate date columns...Is there a concatenate function?   Date(Date#("date",'YYYY-MM-DD'),'M/D/YYYY') AS DATE,



      To rename and parse out the series by ID:

      LOAD [seriesID] AS [seriesID]
      RESIDENT RestConnectorMasterTable
      WHERE NOT IsNull([__FK_series]);



      "[seriesID] as "Alabama_employment"
      Resident [series];
      Where [seriesID] in SMS01000000000000001;



      To reformat the date:


      LOAD [year] AS [year],

      [period] AS [period],

      [periodName] AS [periodName],

      [value] AS [value]

      RESIDENT RestConnectorMasterTable

      WHERE NOT IsNull([__FK_data]);