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    changing a formula will cause the misleading the background clour

    Thiru Palu



      I have a scenario


      i need to highlet background colur based on year

      For example




      means in 12 months one max and one min vlaue i need to highlet




      means  i need to highlet 2 min and 2 max values

      like that  36 also



      i.e. for every 12 months i need to highlet  one min and one max value

      12 months   --- 1 min and 1 max


      24 months   -- 2 min and 2 max


      36 months   --  2 min and 2 max



      here attahced qvw file is having the code it's working for



      when i change the formula

      growth= sales-Prev_sales  it is not working you can see growth_test bacjkgorun formlua



      Please do the needful