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    Loading Web Files

    Scott Duthie

      Hi Everyone,


      I am trying to load a web file and I need to loop through my code to load 30 pages, which is effectively 30 different urls. I understand variables do not expand when dealing with web files in Qlik Sense and that you can set StandardReload=0, however this is still not working for me. When I open the Settings.ini file it is empty and I have simply added 'StandardReload=0', saved the file and restarted my computer.


      Am I going about this the right way?

      My script looks something like the following........


      Let  vLoopStart = 60037 ;

      Let  vLoopEnd = 60067 ;


      for z = $(vLoopStart) to $(vLoopEnd)


      Let var_Num =  Text($(z)) ;









      (html, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, table is @1);


      This is the error message I receive: