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    How can I link a mashup bookmark with the current selection object

      Hi, I need users to be able to create a bookmark of their selections in the mashup and, eventually, see them also in the dev hub, so that the next time they login, they can just call the saved bookmark.


      l hereby describe the sequence of my problem:


      1. I create bookmarks in the dev hub of my application and I am able to retrieve them through the app.getList('Bookmark') method and paint them in the mashup.


      2. In the mashup, I have created an input form so that the user can get to enter the bookmark name as well as the bookmark description. The created bookmark is appended to the retrieved bookmarks from the dev hub in the same dropdown list. The created bookmark in the mashup is seen in the dev hub through app.bookmark.create() method.


      3. However, during point 2 I can not link the created bookmark and the current selections of the user. In the syntaxis of the app.bookmark.create() method, there is no attribute for the current selection object I get with app.getList('SelectionObject'). How can I send ths current selection object to the dev hub together with the bookmark created in the mashup?


      Could you please tell me whether what I am trying to develop is achievable or not in the current version of the Qlik API? Any insights on this issue would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.